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Who needs invitation letter to obtain an entry visa to Moldova?

Law Firm Moldova | Business Legal Services > Who needs invitation letter to obtain an entry visa to Moldova?

List of countries whose citizens require invitations for obtaining an entry visa to the Republic of Moldova.

If you intend to visit the Republic of Moldova, first of all you need to check whether or not you need a visa. You can do it by visiting the page – List of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter to the Republic of Moldova.
At the same time, you must know that for the citizens of some countries the visa is issued only on the basis of an invitation. More information about the procedure for obtaining an invitation can be found by clicking on the link.
If you are unclear about the procedure for obtaining invitations, visas, residence permits or other related matters, it is important to obtain the advice of an immigration attorney.

By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other competent bodies of the Republic of Moldova, it was established that the invitation is necessary for the citizens of the following states:

1. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan;
2. Democratic and People’s Republic of Algeria;
3. People’s Republic of Bangladesh;
4. Burkina Faso;
5. Republic of Cameroon;
6. Republic of Chad;
7. Republic of Congo;
8. Democratic Republic of the Congo;
9. Republic of Ivory Coast;
10. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea;
11. Arab Republic of Egypt;
12. The State of Eritrea;
13. Republic of Ghana;
15. Republic of Indonesia;
16. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan;
17. Islamic Republic of Iran;
18. Republic of Iraq;
19. The Lebanese Republic;
20. Republic of Liberia;
21. Libya;
22. Republic of Mali;
23. Islamic Republic of Mauritania;
24. Kingdom of Morocco;
26. Federal Republic of Nigeria;
27. Republic of Niger;
28. Islamic Republic of Pakistan;
29. Republic of Sierra Leone;
30. Federal Republic of Somalia;
32. Republic of Sudan;
33. Syrian Arab Republic;
34. Tunisian Republic;
35. Turkmenistan;
36. Republic of Yemen;
37. Republic of South Sudan;
38. Palestinian National Authority.