Extension of the residence permit validity for foreign citizens in the Republic of Moldova

According to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, depending on the basis for which it is issued, the residence permit can be granted for a period of up to 5 years, and in the cases provided by law – for another period of time.
Thus, a foreigner either extends residence permit validity or must leave the country, otherwise he runs the risk of being held administratively liable.
The process of extending the right of residence is very important for all foreign citizens who live in the Republic of Moldova, because if the residence permit expires and the foreigner has not submitted the documents for the extension, this fact generates problems related to the legality of the foreigner’s stay in the country.

In general, the procedure for extending the residence permit is much simpler than obtaining the initial right of residence, however, it also contains a number of certain legal subtleties.

Therefore, if you do not have experience, knowledge in the field of migration law, or simply do not want to extend your residence permit on your own, it is necessary to seek the help of qualified lawyers.

Legal assistance for the extension of the residence permit

You can contact us and get the necessary consultancy on all issues related to migration law in the Republic of Moldova. Our experience and knowledge of legislation and judicial practice allow us to provide qualified legal assistance to our clients so that they obtain the desired result legally and in a timely manner. We are ready to assist you in solving any legal problem related to obtaining the residence permit in Moldova or its extention, as well as obtaining Moldovan citizenship.

In this area, we offer the following services:

• Consultations regarding the grounds for extending residence permit validity;
• Preparation of requests and drafting of applications;
• Preparation of all necessary documents substantiating the application for the extension of the residence permit;
• Payment of all necessary fees and charges on behalf of clients;
• Representation of the client’s interests in front of the General Inspectorate for Migration;
• Appealing the refusal to extend the residence permit or the decision to reduce the period of stay in Moldova.

By contacting our lawyers early, you will receive qualified legal assistance, thus saving not only time, but also money.


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