Contraventional law Attorney in Moldova

A contravention is an illicit action or inaction with a lower level of social danger than a crime that is committed with culpability, that encroaches upon the social values protected by law and that is provided for in Contraventional Code and is liable to a sanction.

In contrast to the acts subject to criminal punishment, misdemeanors are distinguished by a lower degree of social danger, by the size of the damage as well as the subject of the misdemeanor. However, sometimes people face a paradoxical fact – the sanctions for this type of cases are tougher and exceed the criminal sanctions. First of all, what is described refers to the sanction in the form of a fine. At the same time, for the commission of the contravention, both individuals and legal persons can be held liable. Depending on the field, contravention cases are divided into several categories. The most frequently committed are contraventions related to road traffic safety, entrepreneurial activity, taxes and duties, and to the customs field.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of contraventional law:

• Familiarization with the report of the contravention and other documents drawn up on the contravention case;
• Determining and choosing defense tactics on the contravention case;
• Defending the client’s rights and interests during court hearings;
• Collecting and presenting evidences to the court on contravention cases;
• Summoning and hearing witnesses on contravention cases;
• Presentation to the court of procedural violations committed during the consideration of a case on an administrative offense;
• Appeal against the report on the contravention;
• Appeal against the contravention court decision;
• Other procedural actions that are required.

The lawyer is able to correctly qualify the incriminated facts and determine if the provisions of the contravention code have really been violated.