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Legal support of company activity – the subscription program which provide a variety of legal aid for organizations and individual entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis.

Legal support program for business – “Business Lawyer“

Our office provides legal services in the following areas:


consultation, opinion, conclusions on legal questions arising during the customer’s activity (oral, written, by telephone, fax, e-mail);

development and legal expertise of legal documents, including draft contracts, agreements on various types of cooperation, corporate documents;

verification of documents submitted by the client on compliance with the law and the interests of the client;

drafting and submission of applications, claims, actions;

participation in negotiations with third parties on the client side.

representation of clients interests before state and local authorities;

emergency departure to the customer in case of inspection of enterprise by regulatory and law enforcement;

advising managers and employees at client’s office.

At the conclusion of ongoing legal assistance contract under the program “Business Lawyer” we offer an discount of up to 50% for representation in courts and for other services that are not included in this package, also we offer an discount of up to 30% for the “Personal Lawyer” program.

Also, you can personally determine the necessary list of services as well as to specify or supplement it at any time. The subscription fee is convenient because is established once and the customer can estimate the future expenses.

If you have questions or need legal assistance, please feel free to contact us.