The invitation of foreign citizens in the Republic of Moldova.

By Published On: July 12, 2022

How to get an invitation letter for a Moldova visa?

What is the invitation letter?

Invitation letter – an official document issued by a competent authority for foreigners upon request of an individual who permanently or temporarily resides in the Republic of Moldova, or upon request of a legal entity under conditions established by the law, which constitutes one of the conditions for obtaining a Moldovan visa by certain categories of foreigners.

Who needs an invitation letter for obtaining the Moldavian visa?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova have adopted a list of states whose citizens will receive visas on the basis of invitation. The list of the above mentioned countries, you can find HERE.
For foreigners specified above may be granted a single-entry or a multiple-entry visa only if they will submit the original invitation to diplomatic missions or consular offices of the Republic of Moldova.

Who can apply for invitation letter to invite foreigners?

Holders of a right to invite foreigners are individuals having permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Moldova who have reached the age of 18 and have full legal capacity, (except for foreigners arrived for studies or medical treatment) and legal persons duly registered in the Republic of Moldova.

Who issues the invitation?

The application or request for the issue of an invitation is submitted to the Bureau for Migration and Asylum of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
When filing the application or request for the issue of an invitation, the inviting person shall be informed about the regime of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova and sign a statement of his/her obligation to bear the costs of the foreigner’s stay and eventual deportation from the country’s territory if he does not leave the country within the period specified in the visa.
The application or request for the issue of an invitation shall be approved only after the authority for foreigners will verify all submitted documents and will be confirmed the fulfillment of legal conditions for the given foreigner’s entry into the Republic of Moldova. The rules of entry to Moldova you can find in a separate article following the link.
Applications for approval of the invitation shall be examined within 10 working days from the date of application or request submission, and where the trip relates to emergency treatment of the guest, grave condition of a close relative or death thereof, within 3 working days.
If approved, the invitation shall be issued to the inviting person to be forwarded to the invited foreigner. The foreigner may apply for visa within 90 days upon approval of the invitation.

In which cases is the request to issue the invitation rejected?

The Bureau for Migration and Asylum will refuse the invitation issuance if:

a) the foreigner has not fulfilled the following conditions of entry:
• possess a valid document for state border crossing recognized or accepted by the Republic of Moldova, unless otherwise provided by the international treaties the Republic of Moldova is a party to; The list of Border crossing points you will find following the link.
• present the documents justifying the purpose of their entry and confirming the availability of funds necessary both for their alimentation during the period of residence and for their return to the country of origin or transit to another state that shall admit them for certain;
• are not included in the category of foreigners whose entry into the Republic of Moldova is prohibited, or who have been declared persona non grata.
• do not pose danger to the national security, public order and health.

b) there is one of the following reasons for not allowing entry into the territory of the Republic of Moldova:
• international organizations the Republic of Moldova is a member of or public authorities dealing with terrorism combating inform that these foreigners finance, prepare, support in any manner or commit acts of terrorism;
• there is evidence that these foreigners are members of transnational organized criminal groups or that they support the activity of these groups in any manner;
• there is evidence allowing to assume that they have committed or taken part in committing crimes against peace and humanity, war crimes or crimes against humanity provided in the international treaties the Republic of Moldova is a party to;
• they presented false data when filling in documents for entry into the Republic of Moldova;
• they violated the state border regime and the regime of the state border crossing point;
• they have committed crimes against the state or against any citizen of the Republic of Moldova during other stays in the Republic of Moldova or abroad, or have outstanding convictions;
• they have illegally brought or tried to illegally bring other foreigners into the Republic of Moldova or are engaged in trafficking in human beings ;
• they have previously unreasonably infringed the purpose declared when obtaining visa or when entering the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
The decision on denying the invitation shall be communicated to the applicant in writing within 3 working days after its adoption and may be contested in an administrative court.

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