Obtaining vital records and civil status documents from Moldova

The need to request duplicates for vital records or documents from the archive occurs most often in cases where they are requested by the relevant bodies abroad to obtain various documents that allow residence, employment, etc.
Vital records and documents from archive are also required for people who wish to obtain Moldovan citizenship as a result of the recognition based on the fact that, although they were born abroad, they have at least one of their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents born on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
Quite often, people are faced with the problem of the absence of certain documents, for various reasons (originals of the document are lost, contacts with relatives are lost, the procedure for searching for documents in archives is not known, etc.) and they do not have the opportunity to independently restore or obtain duplicates of the necessary documents.
Therefore, we offer you assistance in finding the necessary documents of civil status, in obtaining or restoring them.

What are civil status documents in Moldova

A civil status document refers to a legal record of the important events in the lives of the citizens and residents of a country and contain authentic records that identifies a person, confirm his civil status, as well as changes and corrections of identification data.

By means of civil status documents, facts and events that affect the emergence, change or termination of the rights and obligations of citizens are confirmed, as well the legal status of them is characterized.

This category of documents includes:
• certificates of civil status (birth certificate, certificate of change of surname and/or name, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate);
• copies or extracts from the act of civil status;
• the conclusion on the annulment and / or change of the act of civil status;
• the final and irrevocable court decision issued abroad regarding the registration, dissolution or declaration of nullity of the marriage;

• documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries, which confirm the registration or records of the facts of civil status, correction or change of personal data or civil status of a person.

How can we help you to get vital records from Moldova

In this field, we can help you with:

• Consultancy regarding the procedure and conditions for obtaining vital records and documents from archive;
• Consultancy regarding the documents and actions necessary to obtain vital records and documents from archive;
• Preparation and submission of requests for the issuance of duplicates of civil status documents and archive certificates;
• Approaches to the authorized bodies in order to obtain by power of attorney the documents on behalf of the Client;
• Representation of interests in court in order to restore the vital record.

What documents we can obtain by power of attorney on your behalf

• birth certificates;
• marriage certificates;
• divorce certificates;
• death certificates;
• civil status certificates;
• certificates of matrimonial capacity;
• documents from archive (birth / death certificates etc.);
• copies of court decisions;
• police clearances/criminal records checks.

Documents authentification – apostille

It should be noted that the recognition abroad of duplicate documents is only possible if they are authenticated – apostilled in the appropriate manner.

If necessary, we authenticate the documents in the necessary manner and order their official translation into any language

Reconstitution of the vital records

The response to the request for the issuance of a vital record or document from archive can be both positive and negative, as some records of the civil status documents have not been preserved and therefore there is a possibility that the archival institutions will not find the necessary document.

In these cases, for the reconstitution of the vital record, the applicant is issued an opinion confirming the impossibility of reconstituting the act in the administrative procedure, and the applicant will later apply to the court with a request regarding reconstitution of needed document.

We will prepare a statement of claim in court and represent your interests in order to restore the necessary document.

Turning to specialists in the field of obtaining vital records and documents from archive will help you save a lot of time and effort, because the specialist will be able to complete the tasks as soon as possible even without your presence.


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