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Moldova citizenship by Marriage – How Does It Work?

Moldovan citizenship trough marriage

How can you become a Moldova citizen through marriage? Quite often, we receive calls and messages from foreigners with the question - can I obtain Moldovan citizenship based on marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Moldova? At first glance, the question is quite simple and we could limit ourselves to a simple answer – yes you can. However, we cannot limit ourselves to this, because there are many circumstances that require clarification. Indeed, the Law provides the right of foreigners to acquire Moldovan citizenship based on marriage, but the first thing you need to pay attention to is the conditions under...

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Getting married to a foreign citizen in Moldova – documents and procedures

Marriage with a foreigner in Moldova - general information. The provisions of the family law of the Republic of Moldova are applied to foreign citizens and stateless persons to the same extent as to citizens of the country. Thus, in field of family relationships, foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in Moldova, have the same rights and obligations as the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Definition of Marriage in Moldova. Marriage registration is the procedure of drawing on the marriage act by the civil status body, basis on marriage declaration, respecting the conditions and terms settled by the legislature. Thus, the marriage is a...

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Marriage agreement in Moldova – general overview.

What is a Marriage Agreement? Marriage contract ( prenuptial / postnuptial agreements ) is a convention concluded between persons who wish to marry or between spouses, which determines their patrimonial rights and obligations during marriage and / or in case of its termination. When can the marriage agreement be concluded? The marriage contract can be concluded before the registration of marriage or, at any time during the marriage. Marriage contract concluded before the registration of marriage enters into force on moment of marriage registration. What should the marriage agreement contain? By marriage contract the spouses may change the legal regime of joint property ownership. Marriage contract may...

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