The stages of cooperation with us in process of obtaining Moldovan citizenship

Obtaining preliminary information.

We will organize a personal meeting with you, or if you are abroad, we will organize a telephone conversation ( whatsapp, viber, telegram ) and establish the grounds on which you can obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, we will familiarize ourselves with the documents that you already have and, at the same time, we will establish the list of documents that we need to obtain – restore. Depending on the circumstances of the case and the workload, we will determine the price of our services.

Conclusion of the contract and receipt of powers of attorney.

We conclude contracts with our clients in all cases, because the contract is the best way to organize the interaction between the parties and allows us to establish in detail, taking into account the concrete, specific circumstances, the rights and obligations of each of the parties. In order to represent your interests in front of state bodies, you will need to draw up a power of attorney for our lawyer.

Obtaining – restoring the necessary documents.

We will request the missing documents from the National Archives or Civil Status Archives. In case if any of the documents are missing, we will draw up a claim to the court and represent your interests in order to reconstitute the necessary document. We can do all of the above based on a power of attorney, without your personal participation.

Final documents check.

After obtaining all the necessary documents, we will check them in order to detect inconsistencies in the name, first name, patronymic and in the case of detecting them, we will proceed to the process of rectifying the inconsistencies in the civil status registers.
If necessary, we will order the translation of the documents and carry out their legalization.

Submission of the file.

After preparing and checking all documents, we submit the file for examination. We usually act on the basis of the power of attorney given by the client, however, in some cases, the authorities may request your personal presence. In this case you will be accompanied by a lawyer who will provide you with all the necessary assistance.

Obtaining citizenship.

Depending on the circumstances, after examining the application, you will receive either from the Public Services Agency, or from the diplomatic mission or the consular office of the Republic of Moldova a document proving the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. On the basis of this prove the citizen’s identity documents of Republic of Moldova will be issued to you.


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