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Company Dissolution Services in Moldova

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The dissolution of the company, in many cases, is much more expensive and difficult than its establishment. Due to the specific legislation, the procedures for dissolving a company are long, expensive and difficult for entrepreneurs.

In this situation, the assistance of a specialist who can optimize the procedures, reduce costs and save the company’s heritage is welcome. The “Viorel Furtună” Law Office is the specialist that offers an excellent ratio between the quality of the services offered, the concrete result obtained and the applied rates.
At your request, we will initiate the dissolution procedure of the company and we will ensure that all legal provisions are respected.
We will execute all the necessary procedures for the dissolution of the company, such as preparing the decision of the founders with reference to the dissolution as well as all related documents. We will represent you in front of the state bodies, we will publish the announcements regarding the liquidation of the company in the Official Gazette and we will inform about the company’s situation the respective state authorities, as well as possible creditors, etc.

We are always open to your inquiries to make the company's dissolution procedure easy and efficient.

If you have questions or need legal assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Company Dissolution Services
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Company Dissolution Services
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We provide assistance to clients throughout the entire dissolution process and ensures timely, cost-effective and confidential advice.