Civil Litigation Lawyers In Moldova

Civil law includes family, housing, insurance, inheritance, contract, intellectual property, labor, property, non property disputes and more. That means almost all aspects of our daily lives.

At the same time, birth of legal relations, generates the possibility of occurrence of disputes between individuals involved in such relationships.

Quite often, dispute resolution in different areas of law will not be possible without quality legal assistance. Only a lawyer as a specialist in civil law will be able to provide to court strong the arguments with references to specific regulations that would effectively protect the interests of clients.

Our office provides qualified legal assistance in various types of civil cases:

• Housing disputes;
• Inheritance disputes;
• Family disputes, division of property;
• Cases of special proceedings;
• Consumer protection;
• Material and moral compensation;
• Cases dealing with insurance companies disputes and banks including incurring a penalty on credits;
• Traffic accident cases;
• Agrarian/land law;
• Intellectual property disputes;
• Protection of honor, dignity and professional reputation;
• The other disputes.

Legal assistance at all stages of the civil case:

Representation in courts of first instance:

  • Preparation and submission of the claims and the counterclaims;
  • Preparation of responses to claims;
  • Preparation of agreement for conciliation of parties;
  • Participating in court hearings, performing the necessary procedural actions.

Representation in the court of appeal and the supreme court of justice:

• Preparation of appeal letters and cassation complaints;
• Preparation of responses to appeal letters and cassation complaints;
• Participating in court hearings, performing the necessary procedural actions;
• Participation in the process of cases subject to judicial reconsideration.

Legal assistance in procedure of execution of court decisions:

  • Transmission of enforcement of a judgment for execution;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents (requests, applications, letters, etc.) in order to execute the court decision;
  • Assistance in the execution process of the court decision by the bailiff;
  • Legal assistance for the execution of definitive judgments, including those regarding the recovery of financial means, property, the application of seizure and others.

Our Office will help you to resolve these disputes, whatever you are, the plaintiff or the defendant.