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Foreign investments in the Republic of Moldova

Foreign investment regime in Moldova. For any state, including the Republic of Moldova, attracting foreign investments has a particular importance. Accordingly, it is necessary to promote and protect investments by creating stable and fair legal, social and economic conditions for investment activity, establishing equal guarantees for domestic and foreign investors, preventing and removing impediments that may affect investors and their investments. What is an investment in the Republic of Moldova? In general terms, investments in the Republic of Moldova are regulated by the Constitution, by the Law on investments in entrepreneurial activity, by a series of other normative acts, including international treaties to...

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Can foreigners buy property in Moldova

How to Buy property in Moldova as a foreigner   Today, one of the most interesting objects for investment in Moldova is real estate. This fact it is grasped by both the Moldovan and foreign investors. The subject of property rights can be any individual, legal entity, state, and local authorities. Based on this, the Parliament of Moldova has established the legal framework in the regulation of investment activity, which gradually improved in order to promote and protect investments through the establishment of stable and equitable conditions of legal, social and economic nature, to provide equal guarantees to foreign and national investors,...

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