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Business Reorganization in Moldova

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During the activity of a company, it can, or sometimes requires, to undergo changes in its financial or operational structure.

Among the changes that may be necessary for a company, we present to you as an example some of the most common:

Company merger;

Company division;

Company separation;

Company transformation;

Opening/liquidation of branches and subsidiary companies;

Extension/restriction of the activity object;

Change of legal address;

Change of name;

Appointment/revocation of the director;

Exclusion/withdrawal of shareholders/associates;

Temporary suspension of activity;

Increasing/reducing share capital;

The transfer of social shares;

Changing the legal form of the company, etc.

Our team will be at your disposal to advise you in choosing the optimal option for making any type of change within your company.

If you have questions or need legal assistance, please feel free to contact us.