Assistance in obtaining duplicates of the birth certificate from Moldova

Birth registration is a widespread practice throughout human history.

Originally, information about birth was collected and kept for population taxation purposes, as well as to have information on available military strength at hand.

The fact of birth was registered in the churches, which kept the appropriate registers.
On the historical territory of the modern Republic of Moldova, this practice continued until the beginning of the 20th century.

Currently, in most countries, legislative acts are implemented that regulate the registration of the fact of birth and, accordingly, the issuance of a confirmatory document.
The Republic of Moldova, in its turn, in order to protect the patrimonial and personal non-patrimonial rights of individuals, as well as in the interest of the state, has also implemented laws that establish the state registration of civil status documents.

The birth certificate in Moldova is the document that confirms the state registration of a civil status act and directly, the fact of a person’s birth.

What does the moldovan birth certificate contain

The following information is entered in the child’s birth certificate:

a) personal numerical code;
b) surname, first name, nationality or ethnicity, date and place of birth of the child;
c) the family name, first name, nationality or ethnicity of the parents;
d) date of drawing up the birth certificate and its serial number;
e) the name of the civil status body that registered the birth;
f) date of issuance of the birth certificate;
g) the name of the body that issued the certificate.

When the duplicate of birth certificate is issued

Duplicate birth certificate is issued in case of damage or loss of the original document. In these cases, the civil status body or the Registers Archive, identifying the respective civil status document, issues a new certificate with the inscription “Duplicate”.

To whom can the duplicate birth certificate be issued

The duplicate civil status certificate can be issued:
a) to the holder of the civil status document;
b) to family members, relatives of the deceased or other entitled persons – in case the holder of the civil status document has died;
c) to parents, guardians or curators, the representative of the guardianship authority – if the holder of the birth certificate has not reached the age of majority;
d) to a person who has a notarized power of attorney that gives him the right to receive the respective duplicate.

How can we help you

The process of obtaining a birth certificate can create many problems for citizens residing outside the Republic of Moldova.
Therefore, we offer qualified assistance in the process of obtaining both the Moldovan birth certificate and other necessary civil status documents.
We offer a full range of services for obtaining and preparing documents to be presented to competent bodies in foreign countries, including legalized translation, Apostille, or consular legalization.

We will provide you with advice on the fulfillment of the power of attorney, as well as we will take full responsibility for achieving the expected result.


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