Contract Drafting And Review Services In Moldova

Contracts are one of the foundations of doing business, but they can be complex and hard to understand, that is why a skilled contract attorney is invaluable to your business.

Contract drafting

Every contract that is drafted for your business needs to ensure your rights are protected and the conditions are favorable to your company’s interests.
Poorly written contracts could lead to unexpected costs, burdens, and liability exposure. With the experience we’ve gained litigating on behalf of our business clients, we are confident we can draft a contract that protects your company.

Contract review

As dedicated business lawyers, we know that business owners do not have enough time to learn every detail and nuance of contract law. Reviewing each contract term and condition and deciphering confusing legal phrases without the neccesarry training and experience can be highly risky. We will scrutinize every contract for risks, unfavorable terms, and potential loopholes hidden in legalese and fine print.

We have experience with the following types of business contracts:

• Commercial Lease Contracts;
• Employment Contracts;
• Purchase Agreements;
• Supplier Contracts;
• Service Contracts;
• Transportation Contracts;
• Share Acquisition Agreements;
• Franchise Agreements;
• Royalty Agreements;
• Shareholder Agreements;
• Partnership Agreements;
• Non-Disclosure Agreements.

We know what disputes to anticipate and can draft a secure and beneficial contract that takes the nuances of contract law and an understanding of your business and industry into account.


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