Family reunification in Moldova or how to obtain residence permit by marriage

When a person moves to another country, sometimes it can mean making new friends or business partners, but usually moving means parting with loved ones, whether it is a spouse, child or parents.

Therefore, people who have moved to another country seek their family members to join them.
At the same time, Moldovan citizens who have married foreigners want their spouse to have the right to legally reside in the country, work and enjoy other legal rights.
Taking into account that the family is the basic unit of society and its integrity is protected by international law, any state has an obligation to promote family reunification.
Thus, in the legislation of most countries there are provisions on family reunification, which usually apply to all family members (spouses, parents and dependent children).
The Republic of Moldova is no exception and has introduced its own legislation regulating family reunification and obtaining a residence permit on this basis.

Family reunification in Moldova

Family reunification is considered the entry and stay in Moldova of family members of a citizen of Moldova, or family members of a foreigner legally staying on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, in order to preserve the integrity of the family, regardless of the date of establishment of family relations. In other words, a citizen of Moldova or a foreigner who has a residence permit in the country, regardless of what grounds, has the right to ask the state for a decision on family reunification and, accordingly, a residence permit for his family members.

Decision for family reunification in Moldova

If a citizen of Moldova or a foreigner with the right to stay in the country submits an application for family reunification, the authority for foreigners considers it together with the documents substantiating the application and issues an appropriate decision. Thus, the decision on family reunification is a document that is issued by the authorized body for foreigners, on the basis of an application for the purpose of family reunification, from citizens of Moldova, or foreigners living in the country who have the right to stay in accordance with the law.

Residence permit by marriage in Moldova

A residence permit in Moldova by marriage is a document identifying a foreigner and his right to stay in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the duration of stay and the purpose for which it was granted this right. In this case, the purpose of the foreigner’s stay is family reunification.
In order to obtain a residence permit, after receiving a conclusion on family reunification, a foreigner submits an application to the competent authority for foreigners for the right to temporary residence in the country. If the application was positively considered, he receives a temporary residence permit by marriage in Moldova.
If a foreigner who has received a residence permit by marriage renews it consecutively within three years, he can apply for either a permanent residence permit or Moldovan citizenship by marriage.

Conditions for obtaining a decision on family reunification

A family reunification decision is issued on the condition that:
a) There is no situation of polygamy;
b) The applicant submits proof of living space;
c) The applicant, who has the right to temporary residence has the means of his own maintenance. In addition, he must have the amount of at least one average monthly salary for each family member;
d) the foreigner complies with the conditions of entry into the Republic of Moldova provided for by law;
The provisions of paragraphs b) and c) do not apply to foreign applicants who have the right to permanent residence in the country and to citizens of Moldova.

Documents required to obtain the decision on family reunification and residence permit by marriage

To obtain the decision on reunification and a residence permit, the applicant attaches the following documents to the application:

a) copies of the national passport of the foreigner for whom the decision is required;
b) a copy of the passport of a citizen of Moldova or, in the case of a foreign applicant, a copy of a document confirming the right to stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
c) documents of civil status, translated and certified/apostilled, if necessary, in the prescribed manner;
d) the consent of the other holder of parental rights to family reunification, if necessary.

The right of the holder of a residence permit for family reunification to work or start a business

Foreign citizens who have the right to stay in Moldova for the purpose of family reunification can get a job, engage in entrepreneurial activities, or freely carry out professional activities under the same conditions as citizens of the country. As well as, foreigners with a residence permit are entitled to vacation and health care on the same general grounds as citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The right of the holder of a residence permit by marriage to obtain moldovan citizenship

In general terms, a foreigner who has received a residence permit by marriage can obtain Moldovan citizenship by naturalization, however, the terms and legal requirements may be different. For example, if a foreigner received the right to stay on the basis of marriage with a citizen of Moldova, then after three years of marriage and legal residence in the country for 3 years, he can apply for citizenship. If the residence permit was obtained on the basis of marriage with a foreigner who has the right to stay in Moldova, then its holder will be able to apply for citizenship only after 10 years of legal residence on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

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