Assistance in obtaining copies of records from Archive in Moldova

An archival document is a material carrier containing information that has details that allow it to be identified and is subject to storage due to the importance of its information for citizens, society and the state.

Documents are kept by the archival fund of the Republic of Moldova, which is a national treasure and reflects the processes of socio-political, state, economic and socio-cultural development of the people, national groups that have lived and are living in the country.

An archival certificate is a document that has legal force, which contains information about the presence in archival documents of information regarding the facts and rights specified in the requests of the applicants.

An extract from archival documents is an exact reproduction of the part of the text of the document that directly relates to the problem, event or person indicated in the applicant’s request.

The main documents that we can obtain from the archive:

– archival certificates compiled on the basis of parish and rabbinates books like records of birth, marriage and death for the period 1850-1919;
– extracts from registries that contain information about properties. (until 1944);
– extracts from registries that contain information about purchase and sale, donations, wills, certified by notaries;
– extracts from the lists with residents who received land ownership under the agrarian reform of 1921;
– extracts from the lists of citizens evacuated from Bessarabia (1940, 1941, 1944);
– certificates about the censuses of the population of Bessarabia from the Archival Fund;
– extracts from the lists of residents of the Bessarabian province for 1824-1886;
– certificates about political repressions of the population of Bessarabia (deportation, exile, sending to forced labor with restriction of freedom, expulsion from the country and deprivation of citizenship, expropriation, forced hospitalization in psychiatric institutions, etc.);
– certificates of wages required for the calculation of pensions (length of service, orders for employment / dismissal, reorganization of the institution, etc.)

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