Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chisinau – Moldova

If you are in a difficult life situations –you’ve become suspect or you are accused of committing a crime, you should seek a lawyer specialized in criminal justice. Only a criminal defense lawyer, having excellent knowledge of legislation and extensive experience of judicial practice, will be able to protect you from an illegal and unfounded accusations, an condemnation, a limitation of your rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is necessary to have a responsible attitude in choosing a lawyer.
Law Office “Viorel Furtuna” are conveniently based near Chisinau city center but operate throughout Moldova. We maintain a good working knowledge of the criminal courts as well as a familiarity with the methods used by law enforcement agencies.
We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the Police Force, the Prosecutor offices, the National Anticorruption Center, the Customs Service and many other government bodies.
We offer a high quality service to all clients, so no matter how serious an offence you have been charged with, our office have the skills and expertise to defend you.
As well as, You can be assured of complete confidentiality and discretion.

Because of his level of experience, Law Office “Viorel Furtuna”  limits his practice to the most serious and complex charges.

Our pratice areas include:

• Computer/Internet crime;
• Credit card fraud;
• Bankruptcy fraud;
• Insurance fraud;
• Bank fraud;
• Mortgage fraud;
• Larceny;
• Embezzlement;
• Money laundering;

  • Accounting misconduct;
  • Securities violations;
  • Bribery, kickbacks;
  • Extortion;
  • Filing false reports;
  • Counterfeiting;
  • Copyright violations;
  • Trademark infringement;
  • Public corruption/

In field of criminal law we provide a wide array of services to protect the rights and represent the interests in criminal cases.

Our criminal defence services include:

  • legal advice on criminal cases;
  • analysis of the criminal case and to development of optimal defense strategy based on general rules of law and criminal legislation in force;
  • legal assistance and representation before criminal prosecution bodies;
  • drafting and submitting applications for change or revocation of the preventive measure(arrest, home arrest);
  • drafting and submission of complaints against illegal actions of the criminal prosecution bodies;
  • assistance and representation at all stages of criminal procedure in courts of any level;
  • drawing up the appeals and cassation claims to the superior level courts ;
  • legal assistance and representation in the phase of execution of criminal sentences;
  • legal assistance and representation in the exclusive procedure of contestation;
  • other activities necessary in criminal proceedings.

Any person accused to have committed an offence shall be presumed innocent until found guilty on legal grounds, brought forward in a public trial, safeguarding all the necessary guarantees for his/her defence.