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Moldova transit visa to Ukraine

Moldova transit visa to Ukraine

How to get Moldova transit visa to Ukraine What is transit visa B in Moldova? A visa is an authorization that allows its holder the right to enter or transit the territory of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the right to be on this territory for a determined period, respecting the purpose for which it was granted. The transit visa (type B), in its turn, is an authorization that allows entry into the territory of the Republic of Moldova, for the purpose of transit. The transit visa is issued at the request of the foreigner who is going to transit the territory...

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Does Moldova allow dual citizenship

Dual citizenship in Moldova

Does Moldova allow dual citizenship This article is intended for people who have legal grounds and desire to acquire Moldovan citizenship, but are wondering if it is allowed to have dual citizenship in Moldova, in other words, whether they will be able to keep the citizenship they have at the moment. This question could be answered simply, yes - it is allowed, however, we decided to inform the readers of our blog in more detail. What is Dual Citizenship Multiple citizenship is a situation in which a person is treated as a citizen under the laws of more than one country. Dual citizenship or bipatrism,...

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Moldova citizenship by Marriage – How Does It Work?

Moldovan citizenship trough marriage

How can you become a Moldova citizen through marriage? Quite often, we receive calls and messages from foreigners with the question - can I obtain Moldovan citizenship based on marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Moldova? At first glance, the question is quite simple and we could limit ourselves to a simple answer – yes you can. However, we cannot limit ourselves to this, because there are many circumstances that require clarification. Indeed, the Law provides the right of foreigners to acquire Moldovan citizenship based on marriage, but the first thing you need to pay attention to is the conditions under...

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The invitation of foreign citizens in the Republic of Moldova.

How to get an invitation letter for a Moldova visa? What is the invitation letter? Invitation letter – an official document issued by a competent authority for foreigners upon request of an individual who permanently or temporarily resides in the Republic of Moldova, or upon request of a legal entity under conditions established by the law, which constitutes one of the conditions for obtaining a Moldovan visa by certain categories of foreigners. Who needs an invitation letter for obtaining the Moldavian visa? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other competent authorities of the Republic...

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Business immigration to Moldova.

Why is business immigration in Moldova attractive? Foreign citizens, quite frequently, prefer to choose the Republic of Moldova to carry out economic and financial activities, and in fact, there are enough reasons to do so. The country has a favorable geographical location and borders EU countries, which allows you to profitably conduct international trade in goods and services. If you decide to create a new business, expand an existing one and optimize production costs, Moldova is a suitable place to start your business. Regarding business activity, the legislation of the Republic of Moldova contains very attractive provisions, namely: • relatively low expenses for...

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