Divorce Lawyers in Chisinau, Moldova

At Law Office of Viorel Furtuna we understand the stress and anxiety that family law matters can place on all parties involved.

We know that family law issues can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to separate emotion from the legal issues. We help our clients make rational decisions that keep their family’s best interests in mind. Our office strives to provide you with high quality representation while pursuing a realistic resolution to your situation that meets your needs.

We confidently and compassionately represent clients facing many different family law issues, including the following:

• assistance and representation in divorce actions;
• assistance and representation in division actions (dividing the common goods during or after terminating the marriage);
• assistance and representation in the actions having as subject matter the interests of under age children (setting out the domicile of the minor, entrusting the minor children for raising and educating);
• marriage nullity;
• terminating of the adoption;
• deciding as regards guardians;
• setting out and denying the paternity;
• terminating parental rights;
• other actions that have in view relations regulated by the family law.

Family Law Lawyers will provide personal attention to your case and your individual circumstances throughout each area of family law.