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Can foreigners buy property in Moldova?

How to Buy Real Estate In Moldova as a Foreigner Today, one of the most interesting objects for investment in Moldova is real estate. This fact it is grasped by both the Moldovan and foreign investors. The subject of property rights can be any individual, legal entity, state, and local authorities. Therefore, the Parliament of Moldova has established the legal framework in the regulation of investment activity, which gradually improved in order to promote and protect investments through the establishment of stable and equitable conditions of legal, social and economic nature, to provide equal guarantees to foreign and national investors, as...

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Rules on What to Look for When Renting an Apartment in Moldova

Rules for renting apartment in Moldova

6 Things to do Before Renting an Apartment At first glance, renting an apartment is quite simple - one person offers housing, the other pays a certain amount and both sides are satisfied. In practice, however, quite often these simple at first glance relationships become so complex that the arising disputes reach the trial. Fresh repairs, a friendly and smiling owner and, most importantly, the attractive price is not in all cases the reason to immediately rent an apartment, and even more to make advance payments for periods of several months. In this article, you will find six tips that will help you...

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