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Moldova transit visa to Ukraine

Moldova transit visa to Ukraine

How to get Moldova transit visa to Ukraine What is transit visa B in Moldova? A visa is an authorization that allows its holder the right to enter or transit the territory of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the right to be on this territory for a determined period, respecting the purpose for which it was granted. The transit visa (type B), in its turn, is an authorization that allows entry into the territory of the Republic of Moldova, for the purpose of transit. The transit visa is issued at the request of the foreigner who is going to transit the territory...

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How to get online the extract of a company from the State Register of Enterprises of Moldova

The extract from the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of Moldova can be obtained online. The process of receiving extract online is quite simple and convenient. Thus, foreign investors who have opened their business in Moldova have the opportunity to receive an extract for their company from anywhere in the world. An digital extract can be requested by both authenticated persons (having an electronic signature) and an unauthenticated person, but in this case unauthenticated persons will be able to request an extract from the State Register and receive the requested document, only on paper, with its receipt at the...

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Does Moldova allow dual citizenship

Dual citizenship in Moldova

Does Moldova allow dual citizenship This article is intended for people who have legal grounds and desire to acquire Moldovan citizenship, but are wondering if it is allowed to have dual citizenship in Moldova, in other words, whether they will be able to keep the citizenship they have at the moment. This question could be answered simply, yes - it is allowed, however, we decided to inform the readers of our blog in more detail. What is Dual Citizenship Multiple citizenship is a situation in which a person is treated as a citizen under the laws of more than one country. Dual citizenship or bipatrism,...

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How to register a business in Moldova

Steps to follow for registering a business in the Republic of Moldova Quite often, we receive inquiries from clients who have decided to start a business in Moldova, and especially, how to register a new company. Therefore, we decided to write this article in which will be briefly described the procedure for registration of enterprises in the Republic of Moldova. Of course, for business purposes does not need to be a professional lawyer, but a basic knowledge of the forms in which the law permits conduct of business in the Republic of Moldova, nevertheless are needed for foreign entrepreneurs. Obviously, in order to...

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Moldovan goods will have free access to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) zone

On March 24, 2023, the Republic of Moldova and the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) reached a consensus regarding the signing of the Free Trade Agreement. The signing of the agreement with EFTA means that Moldovan products can be traded without taxes and tariffs in Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, countries that are among the most developed economies in the world, and Moldova, in turn, will have a more advantageous position in the negotiation other trade agreements with other countries, which can lead to new export opportunities and economic growth. According to the statements of the Ministry of...

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Moldova introduced new passports

New Moldovan passport

From April this year in the Republic of Moldova, persons with Moldovan citizenship will be able to obtain a new passport. The project in this sense was approved on March 15, 2023, by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The introduction of a new passport model is carried out in the context of coordination with the recommendations of international organizations in this area, which require periodic revision of the form and content of an identity document, optical and electronic reading technologies to ensure global compatibility. The new passport contains 34 pages and features 45 high-performance security elements, as well as a...

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Moldova citizenship by Marriage – How Does It Work?

Moldovan citizenship trough marriage

How can you become a Moldova citizen through marriage? Quite often, we receive calls and messages from foreigners with the question - can I obtain Moldovan citizenship based on marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Moldova? At first glance, the question is quite simple and we could limit ourselves to a simple answer – yes you can. However, we cannot limit ourselves to this, because there are many circumstances that require clarification. Indeed, the Law provides the right of foreigners to acquire Moldovan citizenship based on marriage, but the first thing you need to pay attention to is the conditions under...

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Applications for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Moldova can be submitted at all multifunctional centers in the country.

Due to the events in Ukraine, in the period of 2022, a significant increase in the number of applicants for Moldovan citizenship was recorded. According to the data of the State Population Register, compared to 2021, in 2022 the number of applications for citizenship of the Republic of Moldova increased from 7168 to 10799. In these circumstances, it was decided that citizens can apply for obtaining and recovery the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova in all the multifunctional centers of the country and Chisinau. Previously, regarding the municipality of Chisinau, applications could only be submitted at the Citizenship Section of the...

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How to register a Representative Office of a foreign company in Moldova?

Registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Moldova. What is a representative office of a company? In essence, a representative office is a separate subdivision of a legal entity, located outside its main location, operating on a permanent basis, having its own management and the necessary material support for the implementation of part or all of the activities of the legal entity. It is important to note that according to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the representative office is not a legal entity and operates according to its own regulation, approved by the body that decided to establish it. Representative...

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Requirements to a Company Legal Name in Moldova

Before registering a company in Moldova, an entrepreneur must choose a name for his company, for which he will need some knowledge of the provisions of the law governing the requirements for the name of a legal entity. According to the law, a legal entity may participate in legal relationships only under its own name, established by the founding document and registered properly. The Company is entitled use its name from the moment of registration. Choice of Company Name. In fact, the founders of the company have the right to choose any desired name for the company, provided that it will contain, in...

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