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In connection with the widespread use of computers and other technical means, in various areas of public and private life and formation of law relationships that arise during production and application of new information technologies, is required to form a new branch of law – information technologies law.

Relevant legislation have an rapidly evolution, also in the Republic of Moldova, trying to take into account the development of information technologies and of telecommunications, but, of course, can not keep up, because of reasonable conservatism, which involves creating a new legal framework in the moment when will be accumulated a certain number of relations that requires regulation.
In this situation, for an uninitiated person will be quite difficult to protect their rights and interests without the participation of a specialist in this field.
Based on the above mentioned, we strive to provide quality legal services that may be required for specific projects in information technologies.

We offer services that cover all aspects of information technologies and data protection, including:

Providing legal advice regarding contract law, in particular, the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts, software use and license agreements;

Providing legal advice regarding the conclusion of electronic contracts;

Providing legal advice regarding electronic commerce;

Providing legal advice regarding personal data protection;

Developing mechanisms for the protection of personal data;

Providing legal advice regarding electronic documents and digital signature;

Providing operational advice to IT companies;

Legal expertise in the field of IT law;

Providing legal advice regarding risk management;

Legal support of transactions involving the purchase, sale and transmission of software and Internet content;

Risk assessment for owners of websites, blogs and forums;

Disputes resolution relating to information technologies, including participation in judicial and arbitration process.

We offer qualitative legal services that may be necessary for specific projects in the field of information technologies.

If you have questions or need legal assistance, please feel free to contact us.